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Spring Cleaning For Your Mind: How To Stay Positive In The Age Of Social Distancing

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While social distancing and quarantining may be good for your overall physical health, it may be an extra strain on your mental health and well being. Not all of us are necessarily social butterflies, but even if we can’t be with our friends or family we still miss the little things like hanging out at a coffee shop and checking email or grabbing ice cream after a lazy Sunday afternoon movie. These days, it’s risky to even attempt those things and even if you did those businesses are typically shut down anyway. So, how do you cope with the extra stress of being cooped up inside away from it all? Let’s go through some tips for keeping your spirits up and your mental health balanced during these times of social isolation.

Focus on the positive

Yes, there’s a lot of scary headlines and social media posts going around lately, but you have to realize that they are formulated to get an emotional response from you so you will click on the article and be exposed to their advertising. Headlines are one thing, but they are not necessarily data. Limit your daily consumption of social media streams and news site browsing (or cable news watching) to only an hour or less per day. Spend the rest of the time focusing on positive things like connecting with your friends and family or journaling positive and grateful thoughts and maybe posting those online to share a little positivity out into the world. 

Give yourself a project list

Out of sight and out of mind isn’t a cliche saying for nothing! It really works. Rather than firing up Netflix and scrolling through your social media feed for hours on end with no real point, how about you check out your house or apartment and see what projects need doing? Have you always wanted to replace those sticking blinds or that jiggling door handle or the dripping faucet? Now’s the perfect chance to unplug from the negativity streams and put your mind to work on a new project or two each day. When this all blows over (and it will) in a few months, then you will emerge with a home that is clean and updated and with appliances that all work! You’ll be happy you did.

Learn a new skill

Ok, yes YouTube is a great place to fall down a virtual rabbit hole of cat videos, Fortnite replays, and pranks gone wrong. But did you know that YouTube also offers literally millions of hours of instructional videos done by real experts that you can use to learn just about any skill or hobby under the sun? Well, now’s the time to pick up a new skill or hobby you’ve always wanted to learn! Here are a few skills you can explore for inspiration:

  • Learn to cook like a pro

  • Learn a new language

  • Teach yourself how to play an instrument or to sing

  • Paint or draw or other creative crafts (ever heard of Bob Ross? His videos are on YouTube!)

We hope that you are able to stay safe and healthy both mentally and physically during this time of self isolation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to schedule one of our new remote appointments.

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