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North End Psychiatry office photoDoctors Saccomando, Montgomery and Edwards are all medical doctors who have specialized in the field of psychiatry.  Though the earliest forms of psychotherapy, or talk-therapy, were developed by psychiatrists in the early part of the twentieth century, a large majority of modern psychiatrists focus on the use of medications in treating the broad spectrum of mental illness.

Our nurse practitioners Nancy Nadolski and Marie Hawkins are also specially trained in the use of medications for the treatment of psychiatric conditions.  Together our prescribers at North End Psychiatry & Associates have the breadth of skills to help our entire mental healthcare demographic in the Treasure Valley.

The prospect of taking medications to modulate one’s mood, control anxiety, or restore order to thought processes gone awry can be a source of worry for people who seek the help of a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner.  Though we prefer that our patients have decided medications are an acceptable  treatment modality prior to making an initial appointment, we also strive to provide the information that can make the decision to use psychiatric medications much easier.


The psychotherapists at North End Psychiatry are Licensed Professional Counselors (LCPC’s).  They provide a unique blend of clinical expertise, creativity, and compassionate wisdom for clients seeking their services.  This dynamic and widely recognized form of psychotherapy believes that the individual, couple, family and the community are vital components in their own recovery of psychological health.

Families, couples, and individual clients of North End Psychiatry are directly involved in their own therapy with the goal of resolving their presenting issues.  Effective communication through dialogue facilitates the recognition and development of self knowledge.  Further understanding of system dynamics support the strengths for the entire family and community.

Individuals, couples, and families who seek psychotherapy services at North End Psychiatry will be working with seasoned therapists who have an expertise treating a wide range of life challenges.  Therapists are engaging, warm, and friendly, but are also directive and challenging to help facilitate the lasting changes that clients are seeking.  Clients should also expect to be given homework in the form of exercises, communication tasks, and reading assignments to be completed between sessions.

When a client’s history and symptoms indicate a pharmacological therapy option for relieving symptoms, those options are considered carefully and in collaboration with an in-house psychiatrist.  Our psychiatrists are psychotherapy friendly and value the use of our various therapy services.

While no psychotherapist can guarantee specific outcomes from the therapy process, we do commit to providing you with a compassionate and competent service which will result in insight and lasting change if all parties engage together in the challenging process of therapy.

Discreet Access

For patients requesting an additional level of privacy, North End can provide discreet entry and exit from the building and also telephonic check-in if desired. Please inquire with our receptionist to make arrangements that are tailored to your needs.