What is Psychopharmacology?


The American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology defines “psychopharmacology” as the study of the use of medications in treating mental disorders. The complexity of this field requires continuous study in order to keep current with new advances.

How North End Psychiatry Puts Psychopharmacology into Practice

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Doctors Saccomando, Montgomery, and Edwards are all medical doctors who have specialized in the field of psychiatry. Though the earliest forms of psychotherapy, or talk-therapy, were developed by psychiatrists in the early part of the twentieth century, a large majority of modern psychiatrists focus on the use of medications in treating the broad spectrum of mental illness.

Our nurse practitioners Nancy Nadolski and Marie Hawkins are also specially trained in the use of medications for the treatment of psychiatric conditions. Together, our prescribers at North End Psychiatry & Associates have the breadth of skills to help our entire mental healthcare demographic in the Treasure Valley. To learn more about our providers, click here.

Is Psychopharmacological Treatment Right for You?

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The prospect of taking medications to modulate one’s mood, control anxiety, or restore order to thought processes gone awry can be a source of worry for people who seek the help of a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner. Though we prefer that our patients have decided medications are an acceptable treatment modality prior to making an initial appointment, we also strive to provide the information that can make the decision to use psychiatric medications much easier.

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